10 eye-catching, beautiful samples of paper trays for rice

10 mẫu khay cơm giấy đẹp, bắt mắt

If you are looking for samples of paper trays for rice for your upcoming store, do not hesitate to call our Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. immediately to get support and advice by our team of experts!

Demand for paper trays for rice

With the appearance of food shipping companies such as Gofood, Beefood, etc. and after the past Covid pandemic, there has been a great demand to buy takeaway food.

This has made the business of takeaway fast food develop well. As a result, there is an increasing demand for paper boxes for food and paper trays for rice.

You can easily find eye-catching paper trays for rice in many places from restaurants to street booths. Especially, along with the convenient use and the guaranteed food safety and hygiene, paper boxes for food and paper trays for rice can be printed with eye-catching, colorful brandname logos. For further information, please keep on reading the following contents.

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Reasons why paper trays for rice are popular

  • Convenience, ensuring consumers’ health compared to foam boxes
  • Better heat keeping, better heat resistance and more safety than foam boxes
  • Easy design at the brand-owners’ request
  • Ability for brand logos to be printed with many eye-catching colors
  • Being a tool to promote the image of a green, clean and eco-friendly store.

10 beautiful samples of paper trays for rice

beautiful paper rice tray model
Popular paper rice tray model

With simple designs, you can easily have your logos printed at your request. Highly customizable, paper trays are suitable for most stores of takeaway food.

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eye-catching paper rice tray template

If your store sells a variety of items, you can choose this sample which is suitable for you. Paper trays and boxes for rice are all made of kraft paper, which guarantees food safety and hygiene. At Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd., we produce paper bags for bread, paper bags for food in general. And the samples of paper trays for rice and paper boxes for fried chicken all meet FDA (USA) standards.

Sample of 1 . paper rice tray

Here are some beautiful samples of paper trays that you can refer to:

With versatility, paper trays and boxes can be used to hold not only rice but also fruits and cakes.

mẫu khay giấy thường
mẫy khay giấy đựng cơm đẹp

Samples of paper trays for salad and hamburger at fried chicken stores today. Paper trays, clean and free of cleaning, will help you maximize your time, making customers have a good experience when they visit your store.

Where to find samples of paper trays for rice of good quality and reasonable price, suitable for all budgets

At present, to meet the increasing demand of paper trays and boxes, there come many manufacturers of paper trays and boxes. This is beneficial to the buyers because of competitive prices of paper trays and boxes. However, the disadvantage is how to find a good supplier among many manufacturers.

Túi Xách Giấy, Túi Giấy Có Quai

 Túi shopping cho cửa hàng bánh kẹo

Túi giấy đựng bánh mì

Bao bánh mì

Túi giấy đựng bánh mì

Bao bì giấy đựng bánh mì

Block Bottom Paper Bags

Block bottom paper bag

Food Paper Bags

Bread paper bags

Die Cut Handle Paper Bags

Die-cut block bottom paper bag

Kraft paper bag

Flat handle bag

Túi giấy đựng bánh mì

Giấy gói bánh mì

So, when looking for the good supplier of the paper trays for food, you must be very careful to avoid making mistakes. With many years in the paper packaging industry, our Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. is confident enough to satisfy most of your demands.

With our team of young designers, experienced and creative, we are certainly able to create the most beautiful products of best quality at your satisfaction.

Needing our support, you can call the hotline: 0908.909.677 or make contact according to the form below:

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    Above are samples of paper trays for rice that Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. wants to share with you. We hope this article will help you get more ideas for your upcoming products. If you need support in printing logos or ordering paper trays and boxes, don’t hesitate to call our hotline: 0908.909.677.

    Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. specializes in printing logos for paper bags and manufacturing all kinds of kraft paper bags, with to-the-place delivery and wholesale policy (the bigger order, the cheaper price).

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