100+ samples of cheap kraft paper bags

mẫu túi giấy kraft gói hàng

The demand for cheap kraft paper bags is currently very interested by many customers. But it is not clear to everyone where to find cheap, reputable paper bags. Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. would like to introduce to you the kraft paper bags that are available in many sizes for you to choose from.

100+ samples of cheap kraft paper bags

Below are samples of cheap kraft paper bags suitable for most of the needs of many stores and businesses. If you need to print your logo on cheap paper bags, you can send us an inquiry. Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. is confident enough to be the most competitive supplier of paper bag printing services in the whole South Vietnam.

    1/Sample 01 of kraft paper bags for clothes and gifts

    túi giấy karft gói hàng giá rẻ
    Mẫu túi giấy kraft gói hàng được ưa chuộng

    2/Sample 02 of kraft paper bags for packaging

    túi giấy xi măng gói hàng giá rẻ

    3/ Sample 03 of kraft paper bags

    túi giấy kraft trơn

    4/ Sample of plain kraft paper bags

    Sample of karft paper bags for bread, fast food..

    Bạn đã biết: Địa chỉ In túi giấy cho shop thời trang ở HCM

    5/Sample of karft paper bags for bread, fast food..

    túi giấy kraft đựng thức ăn nhanh
    Túi giấy kraft đựng thức ăn nhanh

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    Túi giấy đựng bánh mì

    Bao bánh mì

    Túi giấy đựng bánh mì

    Bao bì giấy đựng bánh mì

    Túi giấy đựng bánh mì

    Giấy gói bánh mì

    Túi giấy đựng bánh mì

    Túi đựng bánh mì tam giác

    Túi Giấy Thực Phẩm

    Túi đựng gà rán

    Túi giấy đựng bánh mì

    Túi giấy bánh mì BC đỏ

    Túi giấy đựng bánh mì

    Túi giấy bánh mì BC trắng

    Túi giấy đựng bánh mì

    Túi giấy bánh mì HHD02 trắng

    Where to sell cheap kraft paper bags

    To contribute to environmental protection against climate change, paper bags are being encouraged to be used and gradually replace plastic bags. Khoi Thinh’s kraft paper bags are a perfect choice for customers with their durability and good water resistance.

    Using Khoi Thinh paper bags will help raise your level in the eyes of your customers. Unlike plastic bags, paper bags are easy to print and make an effective impression on users. This helps businesses show professionalism. Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. has many incentives for new and loyal customers.

      In addition to paper bags, Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. also supplies other products such as:

      Price list of all kinds of kraft paper bags

      1Kraft paper bag for fried chicken23.5*15*8530
      2Kraft paper bags with straps for gifts23*20*121.765
      3Strapless kraft paper bags for gifts23*20*121.120
      4Strapless kraft paper bags 127*22*101.590
      5Strapless kraft paper bags 230*24*121.900
      6Strapless kraft paper bags 335*33*152.140
      7Strapless kraft paper bags 440*33*152.375
      8Kraft paper bags with straps 127*22*102.235
      9Kraft paper bags with straps 230*24*122.585
      10Kraft paper bags with straps 335*33*152.825
      11Kraft paper bags with straps 440*33*153.000
      Price list of kraft paper bags for reference

      What is kraft paper?

      Kraft paper is a common name for a type of paper made from pulp of soft wood, cellulose from a variety of trees and leaves without necessarily requiring some forest wood like ordinary paper.

      Structure of kraft paper for packaging

      Kraft paper is manufactured from pulp of soft wood. Depending on the requirements and uses, the manufacturing process is different. For example, yellow kraft paper for cement packaging only needs to be treated with ordinary paper without bleaching, and the size depends on the size and the weight of the cement bag.

      Kraft paper is manufactured and sold for the more common purpose of making packaging. Paper bags are used in stores of fashion products, cosmetics, food or fast food. Depending on the aesthetic requirements, white kraft paper or yellow kraft paper is used.

      giấy kraft

      Being manufactured from wood pulp, kraft paper is quite rough and supple, has high tensile strength, and absorbs ink well. So it is suitable for the production of all kinds of packaging such as paper bags, envelopes, wrapping paper, handbags, linings, cement bags.

      Kraft paper has a density of about 70 – 80 g/m2, average density is usually from 50 – 175 g/m2. Higher density can be up to 280 – 350 g/m2.


      Karft paper is strong, supple but rather rough. In addition, the paper is very mechanically strong and waterproof. From these properties, kraft paper is well suited for use in many fields. For example: food bags, cartons, wine paper bags, medicine paper bags…

      Bạn đã biết: Địa chỉ bán túi giấy đựng rượu giá rẻ tại HCM

      The kraft paper of high density has good thickness and natural color. The use for name cards, clothing tags, envelopes, file covers… is highly applied.

      In addition, kraft paper is very eco-friendly. It has the characteristics of being very degradable and easy to recycle. Not to mention the recycling and reusing process is simple and economical. Therefore, this type of paper has a very high recycled quantity, the quality of which is still guaranteed.

      Absorbing ink well, easy to print and process, kraft paper very well meets the needs of manufacturers and businesses, providing cheap and effective marketing and using solutions and environmental protection. Karft paper bags designed and printed with all kinds of logos, images, brand names easily with good print quality are used as effective product packaging.

      Disadvantages of kraft paper packaging

      Despite having many advantages and being widely used, cheap printed kraft paper bags still have some disadvantages and limitations compared to other types of packaging paper used on the market.

      The disadvantages of kraft paper packaging is that it cannot be used in packaging and preserving products in liquid or colloidal form because of its characteristics of being water-absorbent and easy to tear, nor can it withstand strong forces. .

      Moreover, kraft paper products also give poorer print quality than other types of paper, do not guarantee sharpness, thus often only 1 color can be used, so it is not vivid and truthful.

      In addition, kraft paper packaging almost has no straps or is only used for light goods, causing inconvenience for users.

      Application of kraft paper bags in life

      Here are the uses of kraft paper bags that you often encounter:

      Kraft paper for packaging

      This is the largest application of kraft paper and is increasingly being used on a large scale.

      Kraft paper is used to make many different types of packaging bags, such as vertical kraft bags, fashion kraft bags… used in cosmetic and clothing stores, both professional and eco-friendly, cheap.

      túi giấy đựng bánh mì
      Ứng dụng nhiều trong việc làm túi giấy đựng bánh mì với thiết kế bắt mắt

      In addition, kraft paper, which is safe and easy to recycle, is widely and convenientlly used for packaging food such as bread, pizza and other fast food.

      And of course, kraft paper is also processed into cement bags, which is a very familiar application in life.

      Not only suitable for making good packaging bags, but kraft paper is also printed with information and advertising images, helping promote brands and effective marketing.

      Kraft paper for making notebooks

      Standard color-treated kraft paper is used in the production of notebooks, which are very popular in the market because of their ink absorbancy, smooth writing and beautiful colors. Currently, kraft paper in Ho Chi Minh City is also widely used in many other fields such as decoration, handmade craft, ..

      sổ tây làm bằng giấy kraft đẹp
      Sổ tay làm bằng giấy kraft đẹp

      Currently, kraft paper in Ho Chi Minh City is also widely used in many other fields such as decoration, handmade craft, ..

      Kraft paper for shipping packaging

      Currently, due to the increasing demand for online trading, shops that want to pack goods flexibly have used kraft paper to pack their goods more and more conveniently. They can pack large boxes which no carton box will fit.

      Giấy Xi măng để đóng gói vận chuyển
      Giấy Xi măng để đóng gói vận chuyển

      Kraft paper for bouquets

      With its supple properties, kraft paper is increasingly popular in decorating with beautiful flowers, adding beauty to the bouquets as gifts.

      giấy kraft báo xi măng để bó hoa
      Giấy kraft, giấy báo xi măng họa tiết bó hoa được khách hàng rất đón nhận

      Standards of kraft paper bag

      •  Packaging paper bags which are made of 100% brown kraft paper, tough and waterproof, are widely used in many fields such as fashion, cosmetics, food, …
      • Depending on the demands of each customer, the packaging kraft paper bags will have suitable sizes.
      • Making impression with simple, rustic colors, highlighting logo names, brands, and textures when being printed.
      • Being a convenient product, friendly to users and the environment, helping businesses increase their brand recognition and professionalism when using kraft paper bags.

      Why should you choose to buy at Khoi Thinh?

      Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. makes sure you will be satisfied with the variety of designs as well as prices. Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. is confident enough to offer you a perfect solution. Not to mention, you will get fast delivery after placing your order. With multi-route shipping, you will easily receive your goods at home without having to go far.

      Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing kraft paper bags with good price, establishing reputation in the market for many years. As a leading manufacturer, we can satisfy all your requirements:

      • Printed paper bags for gifts
      • Printed paper bags for cosmetics, fashion clothes, shoes, watches…
      • Printed paper bags for high-class goods: alcohol, jewelry
      • Cheap printed paper bags for cosmetic shops, beauty salons, groceries,…
      • Printed paper bags for food: bread, fast food…
      • ….

      Why are kraft paper bags more popular than plastic bags?

      There are many reasons that make kraft paper bags more popular than plastic bags. Kraft paper bags which are stronger will be easier to pack and easier to apply adhesive tapes than soft plastic bags.

      When kraft paper bags are folded, it is easier for us to stick the adhesive tapes to fix them than plastic bags. Using paper bags also contributes to environmental protection because paper will be very easy to decompose in the natural environment, everyone knows this.

      According to a survey from the e-commerce market, customers are more satisfied when receiving products wrapped in kraft bags than in plastic bags. So since then, many shop owners and many online shops have switched from wrapping with plastic bags to with kraft paper bags to please their customers.

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