If you are looking for samples of paper boxes for hot food printed with your brand logo for your store, please take a look at the samples of paper boxes for fast food that Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. shares below.

Current demand of paper boxes for hot food

Paper boxes for hot food have become a trend recently. The use of paper boxes to replace foam boxes is contributing to change the quality of life. The number of fast food stores has grown very rapidly to provide the convenience for the people.

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Every year, the pollution caused by the waste of foam boxes is increasingly alarming. It is causing serious harm to the health of many people.

The demand for paper boxes for hot food today

The harmful effects of using foam boxes for hot food are clear. Also, the media has recently reported a lot of food poisoning caused by the use of foam boxes.Therefore, the use of paper boxes is a pre-eminent solution.

Using the service of printing paper boxes, you can easily decorate them with the free-of-charge logo design. Printing your logo and store address on paper boxes helps you approach many new customers effectively.

In addition, using paper boxes is contributing to protect our living environment now and our children’s one in the future.

Why should we use paper boxes for hot food?

Hot food or food in general is now preferred to be held in paper boxes which guarantee food safety and hygiene, a key point determines success in the food sector. Moreover, the use of paper boxes also helps stores and businesses save costs. And with paper boxes, you will also easily have them printed, creating attraction and impression on customers.

Advantages of paper boxes vs foam boxes for food

  • Paper boxes can be decomposed quickly and absolutely eco-friendly, but foam boxes cannot.
  • Foam boxes are easily deformed and dented due to high food temperatures or deteriorated during transportation, but paper boxes hardly are.
  • Paper boxes guarantee food safety and hygiene.
  • Foam boxes have simple designs and poor aesthetics.
  • Paper boxes can be printed in a variety of eye-catching colors.
  • Foam boxes that hold too hot food cause harmful agents, leading to the risk of cancer when used permanently.

Sizes of paper boxes for hot food

The most popular samples of paper boxes for hot food are of rectangular shape, the common sizes of which include the following sizes (sizes are listed in the order a x b x c, where a, b and c stands for length, width and height respectively, measured in cm).

  • Boxes for rice: 15 x 10 x 5, which can hold 2 bowls of rice, vegetable, 1 chicken thigh, 3 shrimps.

Specifications of hot food paper box

  • Material: food grade kraft paper with waterproof coating
  • Printing, design at customers’ request

Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. takes orders of printing private designs on paper boxes in large quantities. For small quantity orders, you can order separate labels printed, which are pasted on the paper boxes.

hộp giấy đựng xôi
Kích thước hộp giấy đựng xôi:
Đáy 120mm*100mm, miệng 140*120mm, cao 50mm

Food grade nylon lamination – waterproof, greaseproof

  • Folding and gluing finished products before sending to customers
  • Can be put in the microwave to reheat when needed
  • Guaranteeing food safety and hygiene

Where to buy paper boxes for hot food

Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. is a paper packaging company, supplying a variety of products such as square bottom paper bags, paper bags for food, paper bags for bread, … In addition, it is also a prestigious supplier of paper boxes for food in Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks to its creative design team, it has manufactured a variety of beautiful, convenient paper boxes.

You can easily have paper boxes at your satisfaction when working with Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd., which supplies various types of paper boxes for such different food as cake, pizza, salad, rice, fast food, …

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Paper boxes for food are made of food-grade Kraft paper. In addition, we also supply paper bowls, paper trays, …

Beautiful samples of paper boxes for hot food

Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. – supplying quality paper boxes for hot food

Ordering paper boxes for fast food

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With its workforce of many years of experience as well as its modern machinery and equipment, Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. always supplies customers with products, more different and better than those of other suppliers.

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Why should Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. be chosen?

Price policy:

  • Sending a quotation upon receiving the information about the model, size, quantity.
  • Unit price quoted does not include VAT.
  • Issuing invoices to customers at request.

Product policy:

  • There are design samples, product samples for customers to approve before production.
  • Commitment to manufacture products in conformity with the samples approved by customers.
  • Commitment to quantity and completion time in conformity with the signed contract.
  • 100% refund of the order value if the products are not the same as the approved samples.

Delivery policy

  • Free shipping for eligible orders.
  • Supporting transportation of products to the shipping units to move to provinces.
  • Products are carefully wrapped during transportation.


Above are samples of paper boxes for hot food that Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. wants to share with you. When you have a demand of paper boxes or paper trays for food, do not hesitate to call the hotline: 0908.909.677 to get support and more information about preferential offers for you.

Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. specializes in printing logos for paper bags and manufacturing all kinds of kraft paper bags, with to-the-place delivery and wholesale policy (the bigger order, the cheaper price).

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