We, Khoi Thinh Co.Ltd., specialize in supplying paper bags for food, especially for bread. To attract customers, we always try to create print designs in order to bring them brand value and bring good appetite to end-users.  

Reasons to buy paper bread bags

Printed paper food bags are made of kraft paper which is cheap, beautiful, environment-friendly and unharmful to users’ health. Please contact us to receive the cheapest and the most preferential prices of printed paper bags in the market.

The plastic bags of various types on the market are very familiar to consumers about their durability, flexibility, cheapness, and use-friendliness. However, these plastic bags are an alarming problem in today’s society when they directly affect users’ health as well as cause environmental and ecological pollution. In order to prevent the above problems, many businesses today use kraft paper to print food bags because it has the following advantages:

Advantages of food-grade kraft paper

  • Mechanically, kraft paper is very durable, flexible and waterproofing. So it is widely used to make food bags, shopping bags, gift bags …
  • Kraft paper is easy to decompose and cheaper than other common paper on the market. Compared to couche bags with BOPP lamination or Ford paper bags, kraft paper bags bring better results.
  • Using kraft paper bags is a solution to help businesses promote their brands most effectively, creating a special attraction for customers when using food kraft paper bags that do not pollute the environment and save marketing costs.

Features of the paper bags for bread

  • Resistant to oil and grease.
  • Easily promoting the brand in the market.
  • Safe for users’ health, getting certificate of food hygiene and safety standards.
  • Easily degradable, so environment-friendly.

Quotation for bread paper bags

Please contact for detailed support advice:

Hotline: 0908.909.677

Fanpage: @khoithinh.com.vn

Email: info@khoithinh.com.vn

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túi giấy thực phẩm, túi giấy đựng bánh mì
Túi giấy đựng bánh mì in sẵn

We, Khoi Thinh Co.Ltd., always offer you the best choice in terms of quality and price of each product. We are proud of our modern production line and our professional staff, who are always dedicated to their profession. Especially, we always focused on solutions to help customers have more choice when ordering paper bread bags.

In addition, we also supply many other packaging products, paper bags, paper boxes. With many years of experience in the food packaging industry, we are committed to providing dedicated service, flexibility, and quality products.

If you are wondering where to buy paper food bags, contact us immediately. For further information, please contact:

Hotline: 0908.909.677 Email: info@khoithinh.com.vn Web:khoithinh.com.vn Fanpage: @khoithinh.com.vn

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