Are you looking for cheap paper bags for bread to buy in Ho Chi Minh City to serve your business purpose? You don’t know if this kind of bags is good. Do you want to have more samples of paper bags for bread to refer to? In this article, Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. hopes that you will find some useful information.

Where to buy cheap paper bags for bread?

On the present market, there are many brands of paper bags for bread with a variety of designs, sizes and prices. This makes it very difficult for you to choose the right paper bags for bread at reasonable prices. Therefore, we will introduce to you some suppliers of paper bags of the best quality at present time. You may be interested in why paper bags for bread should be used.

You may be interested: Why should you use paper bags for bread?

1/ Ordering paper bags for bread at printing houses

Currently, there are many printing companies/factories, which often take orders to supply paper bags for bread in small quantities. The samples of pre-printed paper bags for bread with various designs make it easy for you to choose. You can contact these printing companies/factories to buy paper bags for bread in large quantities.

2/ Ordering paper bags for bread online

In the current 4.0 digital era, it is very simple to buy paper bags for bread. Only searching on Google “paper bags for bread”, “where to print paper bags for bread” or “where to buy paper bags for bread”, you will receive hundreds or thousands of different results.

After receiving search results, you just need to click on them to receive full information about the bags (kind of paper, sizes, prices,… and suppliers). Then, you can compare and choose the bags and the suppliers that meet your demand.

3/ Ordering paper bags for bread on Facebook

Currently, you can also easily find on Facebook paper bags as well as other products. How to find and buy paper bags for bread on Facebook is very simple. You just need to go to the search box and type “paper bags for bread” and you will receive a lot of information about the suppliers. It will be classified according to the suppliers on the page, on the facebook marketplace.

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More reference: Collection of beautiful samples of paper bags for fried food Then, you just inbox the suppliers, asking for the samples you need. The suppliers will contact and recommend you the suitable paper bags for bread.

4/ Ordering paper bags for bread on Shopee

Shopee is certainly not a strange name to us. This is an e-commerce platform, selling a lot of different product lines. Therefore, you can easily find cheap paper bags for bread here. You just refer to product information and prices to choose the reputable suppliers with the best prices.

Popular types of paper bags for bread

  • Waterproof paper bags for bread
  • Brown paper bags for bread
  • White paper bags for bread

Specialized white Fort paper bags for bread

Specialized white Fort paper bags for bread

If you are looking for cheap, safe paper bags for bread, Fort paper bags may be your perfect choice.

Advantages of this kind of paper:

Made of oil-absorbing Mg material, it is very suitably used for fast food. It can be found in such bags as for bread, French fries, fried chicken, … without oil seeping and tearing the paper. You will find in some types of bags such as bread, fries, fried chicken thighs, … can use this type of paper bag without worrying about oil seeping and tearing the paper.

Cheap price, only from 200,000 VND for 1 box of 150 m long, makes it widely used.

As for color, Fort paper bags have an elegant milky white color. They are beautiful in appearance, prominent in the decoration of logos of your bread brand, and ensuring food safety and hygiene.

Kraft paper bags for bread

Túi giấy kraft bọc bánh mì

Kraft paper is a specialized waterproof material for holding fast food. However, this type of paper is opaque and yellowish because of its unbleached nature.

Compared to Fort paper bags, Kraft paper bags are cheaper. However, they are a bit less eye-catching due to their color. With logo printing, the color of the logos must be chosen in order for them to stand out on the paper background.

There are many samples of Kraft paper bags for bread with different sizes. The design is suitable for each type of bread such as breadsticks, bread triangles, sandwiches, … However, you can delicately use one design for all types of bread.

Advantages of paper bags for bread:

  • Safe, convenient and user-friendly.
  • Attracting customers’ attention thanks to the logos on the paper bags.
  • Eco-friendly, the decomposition time is short, only 2 to 3 months.

Summary of some cheap, beautiful paper bags for bread

As you may know, plastic bags are very difficult to decompose, lasting from 300 years to 500 years. Therefore, if plastic bags are used for bread, there will be a huge amount of plastic waste. Moreover, using plastic bags for hot bread has a harmful impact on human health.

That’s why kraft paper bags for bread are more and more popular on the market today.

  • Paper bags for breadsticks
Túi giấy đựng bánh mì que màu trắng
White paper bags for breadsticks
  • Paper bags for sandwiches
Paper bags for burgers
  • Paper bag for brioches
  • Paper bags for bread triangles
  • Paper bags for hamburgers

Please further refer to these samples:

Some notices you should know when ordering paper bags for bread

You must pay attention to the following when designing impressive and cost-saving paper bags.

  • The size of bags must match that of the bread you are selling
  • The bags must have impressive, eye-catching and abundant images
  • Easily conveying messages to customers
  • Choosing good paper, ensuring the safety factor and the taste of bread
  • Convenience in moving, shipping, opening and closing the bags
  • Choosing reputable suppliers who have good brandname, fast delivery policy, stable price…

Where to buy cheap paper bags for bread in Ho Chi Minh City?

If you are looking for cheap paper bags for bread to serve your business in Ho Chi Minh City, you should consider to choose Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. as a reliable supplier.

With many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying paper bags of various types, Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. can meet almost all the demands of paper bags for bread at a competitive price, cheaper than that of other suppliers.

In addition to quality paper bags for bread, we also supply other kinds of paper bags such as paper bags for gifts, kraft paper bags with handles,… You can contact us for advice on the products suitable for your demands.

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