Are you worried because you need to print paper bags for bread for your upcoming business? You have not found yet a reputable paper bag manufacturer and printer. Even Google search could not help because there was too much information.

If you have read this far, your problem has a solution. Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. will accompany you in this article.

Why should you print paper bags for bread of your own?

The printing of paper bags for bread is one of the means of promoting products to users because the image, the brand logo printed on the paper bags will create a strong advertising effect. Therefore, it contributes to leave an imprint of the store in the consumers’ mind.

So where could you find a company that prints paper bags for bread in Ho Chi Minh City with cheap price and good quality? Let’s find out the relevant information in this article.

in túi giấy bánh mì

Đặt In Túi Đựng Bánh Mì

Uses of paper bags for bread

Vietnam is said to be a country of bread because the term “banh mi” (bread) has entered the Oxford dictionary. And not to mention, Vietnamese “banh mi” has become a famous fast food in the world. Today, there is an increase of bread stores and bread trolleys to serve the increasing demand for food.

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To meet the demand of customers, bread is not only delicious, eye-catching but also guaranteeing food safety and hygiene. For this purpose, the use of paper bags to replace plastic bags and wrapping paper for bread becomes popular because of the following advantages:

  • Aesthetics
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Transferring the message of the business
  • Effective marketing with low cost
  • Eco-friendliness

How to choose the best material for paper bags for bread

There are many materials to make paper bags for bread, mainly brown and white kraft paper, fort paper, couche paper, … with density from 40 gsm to 60 gsm. However, according to consumers’ opinion, MG kraft is the best material to make paper bags for bread. It is very popular because of having firm appearance, glossy surface, high toughness, hard-to-tear quality and good absorbency.

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Paper is produced in closed-cycle factories with fully automatic operation process. The kraft paper used to make paper bags for food at Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. all meets FDA (USA) standards.

Popular types of paper bags for bread today

There are many types of bread, so there are various types of paper bags for bread. You may see some types like:

  • Side pocket bags
  • Sideless bags with bottom
  • Folding bags

There are also many different sizes of paper bags for bread to to suit certain types of bread. You may see some sizes like:

  • 26x8x5cm
  • 24x10x5cm
  • 6x30cm

Regarding the color of the bag, there are two main bags: white bags and cement bags. Both of these bags have oil-repellent properties, guaranteeing food safety and hygiene. The cost of printing paper bags for bread does not depend much on the color of the paper. It depends mainly on the size of the bags and the number of colors to be printed on the bags.

A/ Sizes and printing cost of paper bags for breadsticks

Breadsticks originate from France. When imported into Vietnam, they have some changes to suit Vietnamese people’s taste. The stuffing has a combination of greasy pate flavor with the pungent odour of chili. Breadsticks are considered one of street foods that are quite popular with young people. Hai Phong is one of the famous places for this kind of food.

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Breadsticks have a slim and long shape, like a stick. Their length is about 30 cm and their width is about 2-finger width. For Hai Phong breadsticks, the length is only about 25 cm and the width is about 1-thumb width.

Let’s learn about the paper bags for this type of bread in order to have better understanding and choose the right bags.

Paper bags for bread to be printed with customers’ brand

1/ Common sizes of paper bags for breadsticks

The sizes of the paper bags for long breadsticks is about 8 * 30 cm. Particularly for Hai Phong breadsticks, the sizes of the bags is about 10 * 28 cm. The main materials are Kraft paper of 70 gsm density, Ford paper, Offset paper or even cheap Bai Bang paper. Usually with these sizes you can hold 3 – 5 breadsticks.

Besides, there are also sizes of 13 * 25 cm. The sizes of paper bags vary depending on customers’ demand.

2/ Kinds of paper

The most used paper is 45 gsm Kraft paper. Bags can be made of different kinds of paper such as white Ford paper, Couche paper, brown Kraft paper, white Kraft paper, oil-repellent paper… Each kind of paper, which has different characteristics, properties and quality, is used depending on the requirements and spending budget of customers.

3/ Printing technology for paper bags

Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. uses Flexo technology to print paper bags. This technology ensures excellent printing quality on Kraft paper bags. It helps the colors stand out and the brand logo clearly show every detail on your packaging.

Flexo printing (also known as flexography) is a technique of printing embossed elements (images, letters, etc.) on the printing plate that are higher than the non-printed elements, especially the images on the printing plate must be inverted. The anilox shaft is responsible for supplying ink, then through the printing press process, transfers ink directly to the printing material.

4/ Printing cost of paper bags for breadsticks

To have the most exact cost for printing paper bags for breadsticks, please contact the consulting team of Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. We will give you necessary information in a few minutes


Reference samples of paper bags for breadsticks

B/ Sizes and printing cost of paper bags for Doner Kebab Turkish bread

Doner Kebab bread gets its name along with its origin from Turkey. It has been introduced to Vietnam and has gradually become a popular fast food for Vietnamese people. Unlike common kinds of bread, Doner Kebab bread has a triangular shape. In Northern Vietnam, it is often called “triangle bread”.

1/ Sizes of paper bags for Doner Kebab bread

Paper bags for Turkish bread are usually of 20 * 20 cm size, folded and glued on one side. There are also many selling places only using paper wrappers of 17 * 17 cm size.

The materials commonly used for Doner Kebab bread are the same as those for regular bread and breadsticks. You can choose spotlessly white paper or cement yellow Kraft paper. Both types of paper are oil-repellent, eco-friendly and guaranteeing food safety and hygiene

2/ Printing cost of paper bags for Doner Kebab triangle bread

Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd.’s quotation for printing costs of paper bags for triangle bread is based on sizes 19 × 19.5 cm and on kinds of paper used. The quotation is just for customers’ reference and choice. Customers should contact Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. directly to receive the current updated printing costs.

The above printing costs are just for reference. To get the exact quotation of printing costs, please contact our Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. directly.

Số lượng Giấy kraft 70 gsm Giấy Bãi Bằng 70 gsm Giấy ofset 80 gsm
2.000 760đ 780đ 820đ
3.000 620đ 650đ 690đ
5.000 490đ 520đ 560đ
10.000 390đ 420đ 460đ
20.000 350đ 390đ 420đ

Popular samples of paper bags for bread

Paper bags for breadsticks are used to preserve bread, guarantee food safety and hygiene and avoid dust and weather factors.

Reputable place to print paper bags for breadsticks and traditional bread (baguettes) 

After you decide which paper bags to be printed, the quantity of bags and the budget for them, you will have to find a reputable printing company to place your order. Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. is confident enough to help you complete this job.

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Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. guarantees not only quantity, quality, delivery time but also good price in accordance with your budget. Its design team will help you have the best paper bags with printed logo.

tư vấn miễn phí

The reason why Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. is the best partner to print paper bags for bread

With many years of experience in the business of printing Kraft paper bags, Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. is confident to supply customers with printed paper bags for bread of high quality and optimal printing cost. Cooperating with Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. you will receive the following benefits:

  •  Free consultation and design for printing bread wrappers for customers.
  • Highly specialized design team will create the most beautiful bags for customers.
  • Customers can review samples via email and edit them until they are satisfied before printing.
  • With advanced printing equipment, closed-cycle printing workshop, Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. will offer the best product price.
  • Free delivery to the spot for all customers.
  • Direct discounts for bulk orders.
  • The process of order, payment, delivery is fast and convenient for customers.

Chắc hẳn bạn đã có cho mình câu trả lời ” mua giấy gói bánh mì ở đâu” rồi đúng không nào.

liên hệ

    Is the cost of printing paper bags for bread expensive?

    Below is the cost of printing paper bags for bread at Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. for your reference.

    Specifications With Print No Print Usage
    240*100*40 270 240 Bread bag
    225*120*60 280 250 Bags for hamburger, fried chicken, fried foods, …
    200*200 280 250 Bags for triangle bread,
    Price list for printing paper bags at Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd.

    Referring to the price list of some paper bags for breadsticks in Hanoi

    In order to meet the demand for information on the cost of printing paper bags for shops, Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. suggests some prices for printing paper bags for breadsticks for your reference.

    You can refer to the quoted prices to choose a budget and the quantity of bags to order. The price of paper bags for breadsticks depends on the sizes of bags and the kinds of paper to be printed

    The price list is updated as of September 10, 2021.

    Số lượng Giấy kraft 70 gsmcác size 8x29cm, 8x20cm Giấy Bãi Bằng 70size dài 8x29cm Giấy ofset 80 gsmsize dài 8x29cm Giấy Bãi Bằng 70size ngắn 8×20 cm Giấy ofset 80 gsmsize ngắn 8x20cm
    2.000 750đ 720đ 750đ 650đ 700đ
    3.000 600đ 590đ 650đ 520đ 550đ
    5.000 480đ 460đ 490đ 390đ 410đ
    10.000 390đ 380đ 410đ 295đ 310đ
    20.000 360đ 340đ 370đ 260đ 270đ

    Advantages to order paper bags for bread at Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd.

    With many years of production, our Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. ensures that you will get paper bags for bread at your satisfaction. We know the customers’ insight on bread packaging. We also have the preferential policy for customers who have a long-term cooperation with us. The bigger your order, the cheaper our price.

    Contact our Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. immediately for more information about our products and preferential policy. If you need advice or place order, please fill out the form below. We will give feedback to you within 30 minutes.

    If you need more reference, you can register and receive more information about preferential offers for new customers.

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