Where to print paper bags with good quality and prestige in Dong Nai is a question that many of you are interested in. It is the right thing to find a reputable company for kraft paper bag printing in the first place. If this does not work right from the start, you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

In this article, we, Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd., will give you the reasons why you should accompany us. If you are ready, roll the mouse right away.

Demand for printing paper bags in Dong Nai

With the urban development in Dong Nai, the demand of packaging for food has increased. Many food and fashion stores sprang up to serve the people of the area. Along with that, the demand for brand advertising by packaging has increased.

It is found by researches that kraft paper bags are playing an important role in the lifestyle of modern consumers. Thanks to its benefits such as cost effectiveness, user-friendliness and eco-friendliness.

The rapidly growing number of supermarkets and retail stores will boost sales of paper bags worldwide. The demand for these paper bags is estimated to increase by the end of 2029.

Paper bag sizes can be produced according to users’ needs. It is an eco-friendly characteristic that makes demand for paper bags increasing. Paper bags are considered a sustainable, highly biodegradable packaging solution.

How to choose the right paper bag sizes for the product?

You should determine the bag sizes suitable for your products before proceeding to print paper bags. Determining the sizes will help you save more money.

A difference of only a few centimeters will bring about a lot of costs when printed with mass quantity, hundreds or thousands of bags. And the aesthetic effect is also affected.

Prioritizing the use of paper bags is a trend of modern consumers

As the result of awareness of environmental protection, consumers’ demand for paper bags is increasing. According to a survey of the European Commission in 2017-2018:

  • 70% of consumers voted in favor of banning single-use and non-biodegradable bags in supermarkets
  •  Nearly 79% of consumers are choosing paper bags
  • Up to 80% of consumers prefer paper bags that are biodegradable in nature

Therefore, you should not miss impressing and trusting customers in this trend.

List of cheap paper bag printing factories in Bien Hoa – Dong Nai

Are you looking for a cheap paper bag printing factory in Bien Hoa – Dong Nai? Khoi Thinh would like to share with you a list of cheap kraft paper bag printing factories for your reference.

Các công ty in túi giấy tại Đồng Nai Uy tín

1/ Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd.

Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the production of paper bags for packaging. In addition to supply for domestic market, it also exports paper bags to European countries.

Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd., which has modern, professional printing machinery and equipment, can easily satisfy customers’ demands and purposes of using paper bags.

You can refer to samples of bread paper bags Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. has been supplying.


2/ Thanh Cong kraft paper bag printing factory

Thanh Cong Printing Company in Bien Hoa – Dong Nai, Binh Duong specializes in designing – printing paper bags in Hanoi. Thanh Cong has a team of young, enthusiastic and creative designers who will design for you the most satisfactory paper bag models.

With professional technicians and modern machines, Thanh Cong guarantees to bring you the most perfect printed paper bags.

[Bộ sưu tập] 50+ mẫu bao bì cà phê đẹp


3/ Viet Do Na Advertising Company

Designing – Printing – Advertising Viet Do Na Company identifies professional human resources as the most valuable asset of the Company. Viet Do Na Co. always focuses on training to improve working skills and qualifications for its staff.

Viet Do Na encourages its employees to develop their ability to work independently and to work in a team and to express the creativity of their own. Among them are the painters, designers, translators,… all having expertise and many years of working experience.

Where to find the quality and reputable paper bag printing service in Bien Hoa?

You can easily find a lot of paper bag printing service providers in Bien Hoa – Dong Nai, but you will surely not easily find a factory that supplies printed paper bags of good quality and good price.

Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. is confident to be the most prestigious supplier of logo-printed paper bags on the market. We are the reliable supplier for many multinational corporations and companies in Vietnam.

nhận in túi giấy số lượng ít

As you may know, in order to build relationship and cooperate with major partners, Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. has proven to be a reliable supplier of both products and services. Cooperating with us, you will certainly receive the best products and services.

Reasons to cooperate with us, Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd.:

  1. 1. We give free design support, door-to-door delivery with super delivery team.
  2. 2. We produce and distribute paper bags throughout the country: Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong delta provinces, central provinces and even northern provinces.
  3. 3. We have a lot of experience in producing paper bags for many brands, shops, stores, companies.

Address of Khoi Thinh’s kraft paper bag printing factory in Dong Nai

To help your contact to order printed paper bags for your brand, Khoi Thinh provides contact information below:

Hotline/zalo: 0908.909.677

You can also contact us via the information registration form:

tư vấn miễn phí

    In addition, Khoi Thinh Co., Ltd. also gives designs free of charge and manufactures such durable paper bags as:

    •  Cheap paper bags (duplex material)
    •  Kraft paper bags (cement bag paper)
    • High quality paper bags (nice art paper)
    • Paper bags for clothing and fashion shops (couche paper)
    •    Gift paper bags (non-woven fabric)
    • Food paper bags (dry food, bread, etc.)

    Paper bag printing service with small quantity for businesses, sales shops…meets the demand for cheap paper bag printing with good quality.

    Quotation for printed paper bags of various kinds in Dong Nai

    To ensure the production of printed paper bags in accordance with the use and the best price, please select product specifications when requesting a quote:

    • Paper bag size: Width x Height x Depth (cm).
    • Number of colors printed on the bag.
    • Process sling bag straps, perforated bag straps, or fold-out bags without straps.
    • Paper material: C300 or C350 (white paper, free choice of the colors printed on the bag), kraft paper (usually yellow brown), ivory paper 400 (thick paper used to make bags for heavy items)…
    • Lamination, emulsion for bag logo (for high-grade paper bags).
    • Number of printed bags.

    If you want to print cheap paper bags, please contact:

    Hotline/zalo: 0908.909.677

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